Every Child Is An Artist

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

Stereotypically people walk into any of our two Breaking the Cycles sites and do not expect to see Art, in fact I am not sure what they expected to see, I can guess it has something to do with the prejudice held for young people pro-criminally motivated to navigate this Economic matrix.

Well I have a sad tale to share, this is not true, walk into any of our sites and walk into murals, collages, and even doodles of healing, of expression, and of new self worth, see its simple we know our young people live in their Arts, we know our young people learn through their Arts, and as the schools strip away, and the government devalues Art and Arts based programming/curriculum we see the effects in young people who cannot dream, vision, imagine, and see more than our concrete world as presented them, so we place a pencil, a crayon, a marker, a mic, a floor in front of young people and stand back to bear witness to human expression, engagement, and life renewed.

Young people tooled with Art, are young people who are more empathetic, more abstract, more creative, more resilient, and more whole than they’ve ever been, and I do not need a quantitative nor qualitative outcome report to demonstrate this, just ask them, and they’ll creatively, with a myriad of colorful words, illustrated language and beautifully articulated poetics say so them self, I did, and I grew up with the Arts, so at the very least I am biased.

Brestrogen Review – My Results

Hey there girls,

I’m Emma and if you’re doubtful whether Brestrogen is a good fit or not or whether its as effective as they claim, then you need to read my story and see what my experience was with Brestrogen.

But before that, watch this video review by my friend who wrote her experience at BrestrogenXp.com

So…A few months ago, I had my first child and as amazing as this experience has been, it has definitely shown its effects on my body.

The pregnancy and the nursing was a little too much and it practically showed on my boobs.

I had lost the perkiness and the amazing shape I used to have.

However, for me, it was never a problem of having small breasts and I was pretty content with what I was given for most part of my life.

Anyhow, so…missing the attention I used to get from men and hating what I saw in the mirror, I found a few solutions that I could try out.

The two that actually stood out were,

1. Brestrogen and

2. Breast Actives

Even thought there was a lot of hype about breast actives, I really didn’t think that popping pills was a good idea to go about it.

For me, my health is more important than my appearance and as much as I wanted to have my shape and curves back, I wasn’t willing to put my health at risk of that.

So, I finally decided to place an order for Brestrogen and I’m glad I tried it out.

Now, it took a little bit of time and I had to apply it twice a day for a month or two but gradually I got my perkiness back and my breasts started to get their natural shape back.

Well, the secret behind Brestrogen is that it contains Pueraria Mirifica that is high in phyto-estrogen which, in my case, maintains collagen that results in softer, smoother and more naturally shaped breasts.

That’s what worked for me girls.

Even though I’m embarrassed to show my own boobies online :P.

I borrowed some of the results that my friends shared on her website to what kind of results you can expect from it.

before-and-after-brestrogen Does-Brestrogen-Really-Work-300x116 images-1 images